Welcome to the official home for the Star Wars Timeline Gold. The SWT-G is culmination of the Star Wars Timeline Project, which began with the Star Wars Timeline 1.0, a 4-page Microsoft Works document that began in 1996 for myself and then released publicly in late 1997 to assist fellow fans in understanding the ever-growing official continuity of the Star Wars universe.

Over the years that followed (1997 - 2018) the "SWT" evolved into the "SWT-G" (Star Wars Timeline Gold), releasing 85 editions and growing from that small 4-page document into a 5-volume document with a combined length of over 3,300 pages.

The 2018 edition is the final edition of the project. It is now available for download. (If you are curious as to why the project has ended, see this video on the creator's YouTube Channel.)

I sincerely hope you find the Star Wars Timeline Gold useful and worthwhile.

--Nathan P. Butler