In the fan radio show genre, there are many known voices. In the fan audio community, names like Butler, Sigfrit, Hanel, Pepin, and a few others are quickly recognized as some of the voices that have helped build the fan-made radio show field.

But these individuals, no matter how much they do, could not do it alone. There is an entire fan audio community out there that has stood behind fan-made radio shows and helped them grow. Now, those other voices, the voices of the fan radio show community who have not yet produced their own shows, have a radio show all their own.

Star Wars: Other Voices runs approximately one hour per episode and is released quarterly. For each episode, five fan audio community members step forward and take part in the show as one host and four segment contributors.

It is a program for the fan audio community that is truly by the fan audio community.

Episode Directory

Episode II 21:20 3.66 MB 09-01-05 OV #2
Episode I 47:39 8.18 MB 06-01-05 OV #1

Review of Other Voices #1 by Matt Loewen