The Star Wars saga is a vast space fantasy that spans the rise and fall of powers and principalities over the course of over 36,000 years.

Luckily, newcomers to the saga’s Official Continuity do not need to know every aspect of this long and varied history. Instead, general knowledge of a series of key events can help a new reader get off on the right foot without being too confused by the scope of it all.

Thus, for your listening and learning pleasure, Nathan P. Butler, creator of The Star Wars Timeline Gold, now presents a Star Wars Expanded Universe saga primer for both new Star Wars fans and those only new to the Expanded Universe.

Episode Directory

Before the Prequel Era
(Part I)
36:14 33.2 MB 08-04-13 SWEUP #1
The Prequel Era
(Part II)
34:40 31.7 MB 08-04-13 SWEUP #2
The Empire: Rising
and Striking Back
(Part III)
26:39 24.4 MB 08-04-13 SWEUP #3
Birth of a New Republic
(Part IV)
24:12 22.2 MB 08-04-13 SWEUP #4
The New Jedi Order
and Beyond
(Part V)
30:17 27.7 MB 08-04-13 SWEUP #5

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