This was the original Digital Llama Radio, the program that began in Chris Hanel's basement and greeted us on the 'net via The show ran from 2001 through 2002, releasing 16 episodes (five before a relaunch on TFN and eleven after, one of which was a 2-parter). This program, like JediTalk before it, was a show that helped provide the inspiration for shows many to come.

After the five pre-TFN episodes and the eleven episodes released after the move to TFN, the series was merged with Digital Llama Player's Guide to become Digital Llama 2.0, also hosted at TFN, which ended in 2003.

The official download site for Digital Llama Radio and Digital Llama 2.0 is TFN Fan Films, to which you'll find a link below.

Pre-TFN Episode Directory

1x01 Copyright Jokes are Funny
1x02 Attack of the Radio Jockeys
1x03 God Bless Fanfilmmakers
1x04 Oh My God It's Early!
1x05 The Llamas Strike Back

TFN-Era Episode Mirrors

2x01 TFN Presents...
2x02 How to Waste $100,000
2x03 I'm Dreaming of a Llama Christmas
2x04 Happy Birthday, C.C.!
2x05 Justin, Don't Ever Do That Again
2x06 Live from Australia!
2x07 Jim Ward is a Bad Man!
2x08, Pt. 1 Live from Episode II, Part I
2x08, Pt. 2 Live from Episode II, Part II
2x09 Uh, We Made a Movie
2x10 Josh Griffen
2x11 Dragon*Con

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