After the initial success of Digital Llama Radio in 2001, DLR's Chris Hanel and Abe Peterka, along with friend and gaming enthusiast Josh Wasta, joined together to create this sister program, Digital Llama Player's Guide, which ran for five episodes in 2002. While not specifically a Star Wars radio show, the program was later merged with DLR into Digital Llama 2.0.

The folks at Digital Llama Productions have been great supporters and friends of Second Strike, ChronoRadio, and other Fanworks projects, so it's only fitting that, with the blessing of lead llama Chris Hanel, we provide an online archive for DLPG, their outstanding program that, since it isn't Star Wars-related, isn't hosted at TheForce.Net Fan Films with the rest of their Digital Llama library.

Episode Directory

Don't Sue Us
(Episode I)
49:58 14.2 MB DLPG #1
Buttery Goodness
(Episode II)
46:57 13.4 MB DLPG #2
Bunnies on Crack
(Episode III)
27:39 7.91 MB DLPG #3
The Bad Haircut
(Episode IV)
23:02 6.59 MB DLPG #4
F**K White Wolf
(Episode V)
26:54 7.69 MB DLPG #5