After a major realignment of locations and jobs on behalf of Digital Llama Productions, the team's original two programs, Digital Llama Radio (16 episodes, 2001-2002) and Digital Llama Player's Guide (5 episodes, 2002), were revised, merged, and relaunched as this new, ongoing series, Digital Llama 2.0. Later, after only three episodes (well, two, but one was a two-parter), the series ended.

The official download site for Digital Llama Radio and Digital Llama 2.0 is TFN Fan Films, to which you'll find a link below.

Episode Directory

3x01 The Reunion Show
3x02, Pt. 1 GenCon, Part I
3x02, Pt. 2 GenCon, Part II

Digital Llama Radio on TFN Fan Films