ChronoRadio: The Star Wars Continuity Buff's Internet Radio Show, hosted by Nathan P. Butler (creator of The Star Wars Timeline Gold and author of Star Wars Tales #21's Equals and Opposites), ran five years (2002 - 2007) and strived to provide insightful continuity commentary, discussions on fan-related issues, interviews with interesting subjects (both in the fan and publishing communities), and to act as a voice of reason and "loyal opposition."

The show began in May 2002, coinciding with the release of Attack of the Clones. Host Nathan P. Butler took his experiences in a life of fandom, along with many years creating one of the two most respected Star Wars chronologies on the internet and acting as a freelance writer for Star Wars Tales in 2004, and puts those energies into a bi-monthly program for the "thinking" listener.

Please note that this show is aimed at an audience mature enough to handle "deep" discussion topics, and, as such, the language for the show is not censored. Some episodes do contain "coarse" language. Be advised.

There are six types of ChronoRadio episodes. Choose the style of episode you wish to explore, and proceed, dear listeners, proceed!

Regular Episodes
Supplemental Episodes
Special Editions
Serial Editions
Film Commentaries
Interview Editions

If you are looking for newer episodes of ChronoRadio, the series was relaunched as ChronoRadio: Series 2 as a subseries of the podcast The Butlerniverse in August 2008. See information on that series on our show page for The Butlerniverse.

Connections: The ChronoRadio: Serial Edition tales take place within the same overall "universe" as the Second Strike, Nothing Changes, and Anthology series audio dramas. They can, however, be heard as standalone tales.