After 15 years (2003 - 2018), Star Wars Fanworks has ceased operations as a hub for the Star Wars fan audio community. This page remains now primarily to provide access to Star Wars fan audio dramas written by Nathan P. Butler circa 2002 - 2008, along with helping to direct fans to his various current projects.

If you are among those who have previously corresponded with Nathan via email through his Star Wars Fanworks account, that email address does still work, just as the domain name is still around.

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A Saga on Home Video, Greater Good, and More
The Star Wars Timeline Gold (1997 - 2018)
The single most comprehensive Star Wars chronology available
for many years,until its final edition in 2018.
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Star Wars Beyond the Films and Cloud City Casino

Classic NPB Fan Audio Drama
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Second Strike (2002 - 2003)
The Internet's First Serious Star Wars Fan Audio Drama
Audio (MP3) Downloads:
Act I - Act II - Act III

Visual Commentary Edition (MP4) Downloads:
Act I - Act II - Act III

Anthology (2003)
The Internet's First Star Wars Fan Audio Drama Series
Doubts Cast - Dreamscape - The Mob
Addiction - Responsibility
Nothing Changes (2004)
The Audio Drama Reincarnation of the Prelude to Hope Fan Film Project
Direct Download (MP3)
Always in Motion: Ambush on An'Kerra (2005)
The Internet's First "Choose Your Own Adventure" Style Star Wars Fan Audio Drama
Direct Download (ZIP)
Solitude (2008)
The Internet's First "A Cappella" Style Star Wars Fan Audio Drama
Direct Download (MP3)